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Get your grocery budget under control, once and for all!

A 10-week online class brought to you by The Penny Hoarder that will save you thousands of dollars.
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Learn from the best budget savers on the web.

We've teamed up with Erin Chase from $5 Dinners to offer a 10-week class designed to help you save thousands of dollars on your grocery budget.

Grocery Shopping

Take a deep dive into how to avoid the grocery store traps designed to get you to spend more money.

Meal Planning

The meal-planning tricks we use to create shopping lists quickly and save thousands of dollars.


Learn expert strategies for couponing, getting freebies, and stockpiling your pantry.

We'll Makeover Your Grocery Budget in 10 Weeks

Meet your teachers. Kyle Taylor, founder of The Penny Hoarder & Erin Chase, queen of $5 Dinners.

Kyle took over his family's grocery shopping at age 13, and his couponing strategies have been featured on Oprah & ABC News.

Erin is known nationally as a meal-planning and grocery-shopping expert. She manages to feed her family of four boys a delicious and healthy meal for only $5/night.

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"Many of the tools that Erin shares on Grocery Budget Makeover are tools that I already knew about. But what I didn't know was how to really use them all together in a way that made sense. When I worked the system that Erin taught us, everything made sense, it was simple, and I saved hundreds! And I'm excited to save hundreds more!"

— Toni L.
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* We don't share your personal info with anyone. Check out our Privacy Policy for more information.

What makes Grocery Budget Makeover Unique?

We like to say that just meal planning alone can shave your grocery bill by 20-25%. Add coupons into the mix, and you'll be on your way to 50% off in no time. During this 10-week makeover, we'll cover it all, including how to use coupons strategically, when to avoid them, and the fine art of getting rock bottom prices on ingredients week after week.

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What You'll Learn

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Your First 5 Courses

  • Week 1 – Setting the Table
  • Week 2 – Family Pow-Wow
  • Week 3 – The Art of the Creating a Shopping List
  • Week 4 – A 5 Dinner Meal Plan, not the $5 Dinner Meal Plan
  • Week 5 – Outsmarting Yourself, and Someone Else Too

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Your Master Classes

  • Week 6 – Stockpiling for Normal People
  • Week 7 – Meal Planning 201
  • Week 8 – Stretching Your Coupon-Buck As Far As You Can
  • Week 9 – Time Saving Kitchen & Cooking Hacks
  • Week 10 – How to Score Freebies Every Week

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You CAN save more money. Let us help you.

Want to make a change in your finances? Your grocery budget is the one item where you have the most control. Join our 10-week class and we’ll help you save thousands of dollars.
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What exactly is the Grocery Budget Makeover?

The Grocery Budget Makeover is a 10-week course that will change the way you shop for groceries…forever. Each week, we’ll email you with videos to watch, worksheets (yes, we expect you to fill them out!), free resources to use that week, plus fun tips and tricks, and of course, a weekly challenge. Oh, and we’ll throw in some cooking demos and other fun surprises too!

How will it help me?

This program is designed to reshape and reframe the way you think about shopping for groceries, and how you actually shop. The strategies you’ll learn and implement will make a huge impact on how much you spend on groceries each week.

Does it have a cost?

The cost for the Grocery Budget Makeover is $49 total. Or about $5 a week. It’s a small investment considering we’ll help you shave $49 off your grocery bill in the first month!

I *think* I’m pretty good at grocery shopping/planning, so I’m not sure I’ll learn or apply anything new.

Carry on then. No, wait…. Before you decide this isn’t for you, check out the course curriculum.

How long will this take me each week?

You will have a little homework each week: a 5-to-15-minute video, along with some worksheets to work through, plus several other printable resources.

Think about it in terms of the $$$ savings potential… If you can save $40-$50 per week, in just 30 minutes… that’s not a bad “hourly rate” at all!

My family eats fairly healthy and we buy a lot of organic foods. Will your plan help me cut costs?

That’s how we shop as well. Due to food allergies in our families, we avoid most processed foods. too.

We will show you where you can find coupons for these types of products. However, this makeover is more about changing your mindset and methods of shopping. We will discuss couponing a little bit, but it’s not at all the focus of the makeover!

What if I don’t like it? Will you offer a refund?

Of course! We offer refunds during the first four weeks of the class. To be eligible for a refund, we just ask that you show us your completed worksheets. After all, this won’t work unless you’re doing your part.

Still have questions? Email for answers.